General Context

The Digital Championship is carried out in three stages as follows.

First Stage - Summary (Optional)

At the initial stage, interested parties submit a brief summary of the proposal. Annex I (Competition Guide) sets out the main points of the summary and Annex III (Οδηγός του Διαγωνισμού) gives the outline of the summary.

The Organizing Committee (Paragraph 9) assesses the submitted summaries based on the criteria set out in Annex II (Competition Guide). Meeting criteria A and B is mandatory. Proposals that meet these criteria qualify for the second stage. Moreover, the Organizing Committee assigns a “mentor” to each team with a successful proposal.

The Summary is optional. Nevertheless, if no summary is submitted, participants can submit thei proposals in the second stage (see Second Stage - Proposal). In this case no “mentor” will be assigned to the team.

Second Stage - Proposal

Participants at the second stage are called to participate in a specially organized seminar, the “Digital Innovation Training Day” and receive specialized support and guidance from academics, specialists and representatives of companies operating in the field of the Competition.

The Proposals for the Competition should be submitted by category:

K1. Entrepreneurship for
Students of Secondary Education

1. Proposal, and
2. Mockup Prototype

K2. Entrepreneurship for
Students of Tertiary Education

1. Proposal, and
2. Working Prototype

K3. Business

1. Proposal, and
2. Business Plan, and
3. Integral Product or Digital Innovation Service

A proposal outline for each category is set out in Annex III (Competition Guide).

Proposals are evaluated by the Evaluation Committee (Paragraph 10) on the basis of the criteria set out in Annex IV (Competition Guide) and are ranked according to their rating. The top 10 proposals per category qualify for the third stage.

Stage Three - Presentation

The participants in the third stage are invited to present their proposals to the Evaluation Committee (Paragraph 10 - Competition Guide). Proposals shall be evaluated on the basis of the criteria set out in the Annex IV (Competition Guide).

Furthermore, each judge is entitled (but not required) to award 5 additional points for the “Wow Effect” to one participation in each category. Judges base their votes on the overall impression made by the participant and are entitled to choose only one team per category (in case the same judge takes part in more than one category) to grant the additional points.

Subsequently, the proposals are ranked according to their final total score. The first 5 proposals per category are judged using successive phases where in each phase one proposal is eliminated based on the votes of each member of the committee, until the winning proposals for each category are selected.